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Canadian Dog Fancier is distributed six times per year, to EVERY licensed Canadian judge, all USA judges with three groups or more, and several foreign judges on upcoming panels. Of course we have a large following of breeders, owners and handlers too – total distribution is over 2,500 copies.

Why Advertise With CDF?

You want to advertise your dog to judges, and that’s our main audience. EVERY licensed judge in Canada gets a copy of CDF, along with all judges in the USA who are licensed for three groups or more. We also have an extensive list of foreign judges that often have assignments in Canada.

We print over 2,500 copies which are mailed to judges, breeders, owners, handlers, and additional copies are distributed to select shows across Canada and USA. We have the largest distribution of any Canadian dog magazine.

Additionally, every issue of our publication is available ONLINE, complete with links to your website if they are included in your ad. All for one price – no additional artwork charges, no additional charges for online ads, one price and GUARANTEED distribution!

The distribution schedule of CDF is GUARANTEED or your money back – no late issues or disappointments here! We start the year with our “Top Dogs” issue with distribution at The Garden, with mailing for circulation by February 15. We feel the Top Dogs from the past year should be featured when everybody remembers them, not sometime in the summer following. Below is our official distribution scheduled dates and deadlines:

February – Canada’s Top Dogs (deadline January 15)

April – Sporting Group (deadline March 1)

June  – Hound Group, featuring Dachshunds (deadline May 1)

July/August – Working Group (deadline June 15)

September – Terrier & Toy Groups (deadline August 1)

November/December – Non Sporting & Herding Groups (deadline October 15)